Flyers’ Holmgren Talks Draft, Roster Moves

Philadelphia Flyers GM Paul Holmgren met with the media this afternoon to touch on a number of topics.

One of the main topics, of course, was what the team has planned heading into free agency. The draft was a hot topic, along with the continuing contract talk with free-agent goalies Marty Biron and Antero Niittymaki.

On Free Agency:

“It’s something we’ve talked about with some teams,” Holmgren said of trading the pick to move up.

“It gets down to price, and if there’s something that there’s a fit there. But, we have talked about that with other teams. We’ve also talked about moving back and getting into a different group of players where maybe we might have access to more than one.

Although players weren’t mentioned, it looked clear to me that the Flyers are going to be very active in the NHL’s shopping season come draft time.

Marty Biron:

“Well, I know he’s changing agents, so I don’t even know who to talk to right now, but we’ve tried a bunch of different things and I don’t know what the number is and what the term is. We’re still going to talk, but obviously the window is closing.”

Doesn’t sound too promising. So long Marty, you were a good guy, and good luck with your future endeavors.

Homer had a simpler answer regarding Niittymaki’s situation and if he’s still in the picture. Simply stating ‘yes’.

The good news that really came out of this press conference was when Holmgren said that the Flyers are upwards of four million under the cap.

The club is looking to try and sign Mike Knuble before July 1. The same goes for defensemen Andrew Alberts. Hopefully, the second name decides to move on.

On the Draft:

“Our stance is probably pick the best available player. Our first pick is the 21st. There’s actually guys at each position there that we have in that group.

“I think it’s a lot like last year. I think it’s a good draft. We believe certainly with our first pick we’ll get a good prospect. I don’t think it will be a guy that…well, I shouldn’t say that, last year we never thought we’d get a guy (Sbisa) who would be able to step on to our team in training camp.

Holmgren closed out the conference stating that he doesn’t think this team is too far away from being in the same place the Pittsburgh Penguins were just at. That’s accepting Lord Stanley’s Cup.Flyers Penguins Hockey


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