Flyers Will Play Bruins At Fenway

As of last week the 83361469BB015_TAMPA_BAY_LIGNHL was set on having their 2010 Winter Classic matchup to be the Washington Capitals against the Boston Bruins at Fenway Park in Boston.

My how the tables have turned…

The Philadelphia Flyers will indeed invade Fenway Park this January against the Boston Bruins. Anthony SanFilippo confirmed that the NHL has indeed made it official that the Flyers have been chosen to play the Bruins.

The NHL has been heavily pushing the Capitals so they can focus on Alexander Ovechkin and NBC wanted none of him or the Caps. They wanted the orange and the black.

The NHL has confirmed NBC that the Flyers would play in the outdoor extravaganza. The Flyers have agreed to play. No official announcement has been said.

Flyers president Peter Lukko has not yet been informed of the league’s decision. So an announcement would obviously have to be made sooner rather than later.

This is unexpected because the Flyers probably thought they were already out of the running as of a few weeks ago. The Winter Classic is the most popular and most successful event for both the NHL and NBC network.

We can expect a great Philadelphia crowd packing Fenway Park.


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