Winter Classic Official: Flyers-Bruins On New Years Day

17557396The NHL today finally announced what Philadelphia hockey fans were waiting for since late May. The Philadelphia Flyers will faceoff against the Boston Bruins at the historic 97-year-old Fenway Park.

“A unique event deserves a unique venue, and we are delighted the Bruins and Flyers will renew their rivalry, with the ‘Green Monster’ providing the backdrop,” NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said. “We welcome our fans, our teams, our sponsors and the great city of Boston to this annual celebration of our sport.”

This game will be the first hockey game ever played inside the legendary baseball park. Only the second ever hockey game played on a baseball field.

“We are extremely excited to be participating in this event and I look forward to this match-up against the Bruins,” said Philadelphia Flyers General Manager Paul Holmgren. “I am certainly familiar with the long history the Flyers have with Boston. It’s an honor to have the opportunity to spend New Year’s Day renewing the longtime rivalry between these two clubs.”

Ticket details will be released within the coming weeks, but preparation has already begun. The league is already saying that this showdown should be the best one yet. In terms of competition and popularity, the two teams that were chosen to participate have two of the best fan followings in all the NHL.

“From everything we can tell it will probably be the biggest classic,” Bruins Owner Jeremy Jacobs said in late May in reference to rumors Fenway Park was going to be the host venue. “I really want this in Boston. I think our fans want it. I think it will be the biggest classic that the National Hockey League has had. I think it will be the most successful and the most demanded.”

Flyers owner Ed Snider made a statement after the news became official that his team would represent one half of the 2010 Winter Classic.

“The NHL Winter Classic is truly a great day for hockey,” Flyers founder Ed Snider said. “It has become arguably the biggest game played during the NHL’s regular season and offers a tremendous opportunity to showcase our great sport of hockey to millions of worldwide viewers. As one of the League’s original expansion teams, it’s an honor for the Philadelphia Flyers to serve as ambassadors for the NHL and the City of Philadelphia. And, we are thrilled that our opponent will be one of the original six NHL teams.”

 Again: NHL commish Gary Bettman said that ticket information will be made available in the coming weeks along with arrangements for amenities.

“As of right now, we are still working with the league on our ticket allocation,” said Shawn Tilger, senior vice president of business operations for the Flyers. “As the visiting team, ticket inventory will be limited, but we will do our best to accommodate as many fans as possible. Our plan is to implement a system that gives priority to our season-ticketholders.”

The Winter Classic has quickly become one of the most watched and anticipated sporting events in America and all over the globe. This year’s classic will combine two huge fan bases and two great hockey clubs, this is bound to be the best classic yet.


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