Gagne Strains Groin, Should Be ready For Flyers Camp

gagsIf good news was a premium for the Flyers, this is an update most Flyers fans and the team themselves do not want to hear.

Straight out of the gate in Team Canada’s Orientation camp, Flyers winger Simon Gagne appears to have an injured right-groin. The injury is said to be a mild strain per Flyers GM Paul Holmgren

“Simon Gagne sustained a mild strain of his right groin last night while practicing with Team Canada,” Holmgren said. “He was examined by Team Canada’s medical trainer and team orthopedic physician who believed that it was not a serious injury. Simon will fly back to Philadelphia today and be examined by Flyers team orthopedic physician, Peter DeLuca tomorrow afternoon.”

Initial word had Gagne leaving the ice with an apparant right hip injury. Gagne had offseason surgery to repair scar tissue and a bone spur in that hip, so to say it was hip wasn’t far fetched at the time.

The last thing the Flyers need at this point is another 35-goal scorer to beon the shelf. It could be just me, but whenever I hear that a Flyers player has a groin strain, the red alarms begin to sound loudly in my head.

Late this afternoon Simon Gagne gave an update on how he is feeling and how the injury might have came about.

“We had our first practice last night at the camp. I thought it was going to be an easy practice but the tempo was very fast right away during the very first drill. Guys were obviously trying to show their best. I had been skating back home for about two weeks but not at that high level,” Gagne said this afternoon.

“I kind of felt that it was getting a little bit tight on me, close to the hip and groin. I had the hip surgery this summer. It is a little bit tight everywhere and the groin is a part of that.”

Gagne emphatically stated that the reason for flying back to Philadelphia to get examined is so he can now prepare to be healthy come the beginning of training camp.

“Training camp is right around the corner. That is why I am heading back to see Jimmy McCrossin and our doctors. We will try to find out what is best for me and what plan we are going to take,” Gagne added.

“I want to be there and be ready at Day 1 so I will do everything I can and I am sure the doctors will do the same. I am not that concerned right now. We have a plan in mind. We will follow that and I am sure I will be all right for camp.”

The fact of the matter is that groin injuries have not treated the Flyers well in past years. Especially with their top player; Peter Forsberg, Daniel Briere, and now possibly Simon Gagne.


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