Richards Media Issue Overblown

Getty ImagesNow it might be tough for some of you to understand why im writing this due to the fact that im part of that media who Flyers captain Mike Richards is boycotting. So, please just read me out, then by all accounts formulate your own opinion.

Their was an article written in one of the local Philadelphia news outlets a little while back talking about how the outside ‘nightlife’ of the Flyers young core could affect the teams overall performance. Obviously, Mike Richards was apart of that piece.

I won’t mention who wrote the article. That’s not my place to throw someone under the proverbial bus.

What some don’t understand in this business is the fact that these players read what is written about them. The might tell you they don’t, but they absolutely do.

I was present in the Flyers locker-room after last nights 4-3 shootout win over the Boston Bruins. Did we talk to Richards, you can say that. Did he offer a lot of feedback, not really. But that’s natural Mike Richards. He’s never been the guy that is going to offer you four paragraphs of quotes after a game or practice.

The one thing I did get out of the short interview with Richards is the matter of which he handled it. With an absolute, wide as can be, ear to ear smile. After the second question, when we knew nothing was going to come out of this, Richie flat-out laughed.

Furthermore, that told me he is having fun with this. I could be flat-out wrong. Is this approach by Richards the best possible scenario? Im not sure. I know some of you who read this are going to find a way to say favoritism is being shown in the case of Richards; however, I will say sometimes it the right thing for the athlete to fight back.

Especially, when that player plays in the city of Philadelphia.

Yes, he is the captain, I understand the responsibility of the role. There is a possibility that this problem was talked about within the room. Im not 100 percent certain of that. You can bet, Richards knows exactly what he is doing.

This might be a stance that is being taken to protect his teammates. All depends on your own opinion.

Notwithstanding, I have absolutely nothing against any writer who wants to go ahead and rip the captain. It their job to write their opinion on what they see and hear. Im technically not allowed to come on here and rant my opinion. But, I felt the need to register my thoughts on this.

This issue shouldn’t go any further than it has, on the other hand, it also depends on the media and Richards. I personally believe its an overblown issue. The Flyers are 4-2-1 not 1-5-1. Richards isn’t completely walking out of the building everyday. He is simply showing boundaries that he and his teammates have when questioning their heart, competitive nature, and dedication to the franchise.

One Response to “Richards Media Issue Overblown”
  1. jason kent says:

    I believe that if players do not want to talk to the media they shouldnt be forced to. Everyone forgets that players are humans too, just because they make millions doesnt mean they dont have feelings. Everyone thats famous has there lives ripped apart and focused on everyday. There every movement is followed and anything they do is publicized. Most regular people wouldnt know how to handle what these guys handle. People should be thankfull they even talk to the media or sign autographs. People just dont understand what they go through.

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