Simon Gagne: Two Small Hernias In Groin

simonWASHINGTON– Philadelphia Flyers left-winger Simon Gagne has finally found out what has been bothering him since his offseason hip surgery. That would unfortunately be two small hernia’s in his groin. Gagne may need surgery to repair the problem; however, that won’t be determined until possibly tomorrow.

GM Paul Holmgren revealed that this injury is unrelated to the groin and hip issues Gagne has been suffering from. Whether or not this is good news or bad news, the end result will still require Gagne to go on injured reserve. He will be out indefinitely.

“We’ve handled Simon very carefully this time, based on what happened at the hockey Canada camp in August,” Holmgren said. “Coming back to our training camp, we made an effort to give him more time than he even he thought was needed. This is just a totally different thing. From what I understand, this is not related to what happened during the summer.”

The club said he went through an examination today and found the hernia’s. But a decision on what’s next for the 29-year-old will probably come Wednesday.

“Simon Gagne was examined today by Dr. Allen Schurict from Pennsylvania Hospital after an ultrasound procedure (Monday) found two small hernias in Simon’s right groin area,” said general manager Paul Holmgren Tuesday afternoon.

“Our medical staff will meet with Simon tomorrow afternoon to discuss all options,” that may or may not include surgery to repair the hernias.

This hernia situation for Gagne is not the same issue fellow teammate Danny Briere suffered through last season.

“Is his a sports hernia or just a hernia, I guess they are different because that is what I was told,” Briere said. “My own experience, last year was tough. I only played one game after the first (injury). After the second time, it was almost four months and I felt I was way behind everybody.

“It was tough to catch up missing so much time. When you are rehabbing, you are rehabbing that area, you are not rehabbing working on your explosiveness and strength. There is only so much you can do.

Coming into this season, Gagne has had three surgeries to his hip and groin the past four years.

Quotes: CSNPhilly


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