Flyers Push Win Streak To Four With Shootout Victory

APTOPIX Blues Flyers HockeyPHILADELPHIA- This Philadelphia Flyers victory was as scrappy as they come. This was defensive battle for both benches. This hockey game was not one that you’ll watch for in the highlight reels on NHL Network; however, if you decide to teach hockey-101, this is the game to turn to.

The Flyers beat the St. Louis Blues 2-1 in a shootout last night from the Wachovia Center. The Flyers showed how much continuity they have garnered in the past week or so. They pushed their win streak to four in a row, and now have a few days off to get healthy and rested.

Mika Pyorala, who has been scoreless through the first 14 games netted the shootout winner. Good feeling for the guy who has yet to score his first NHL goal. Claude Giroux sent a swift backhand to get the shootout going.

“You can’t imagine how relieved I am,” said Pyorala. “No more monkey on my back. It started to bother me a little bit. I was thinking about it. It was great to get that out of the way and take the next one.”

“St. Louis has been rested and really struggling and it was a hard, physical game on both sides,” said coach John Stevens. “Tight-checking game on both sides … come back from Buffalo with very little rest and then really grind it out in a physical, hard fought game … it’s certainly pleasing to see our guys respond the way they did.”

Coach Stevens came out last night with a victory even though he had a short bench due to some injuries. unfortunately, more bumps and bruises occurred last night.

James van Riemsdyk suffered lacerated and broken left pinky finger after a Jeff Carter shot deflected off his hand. Ole-Christian Tollefsen has a mild-concussion after going into the boards hard in the second period.

“It’s a nasty cut,” said GM Paul Holmgren regarding van Riemsdyk. “Probably got a little break on the end, too. That’s a big hole in our lineup if we miss him. I don’t think it will be long.”

Flyers goaltender Ray Emery had a great night between the pipes. Emery stopped 30 shots only giving up one goal that he didnt even see, when the Blues T.J. Oshie tallied a goal.

Emery is now 9-3-1 with an impressive 2.27 GAA.

Scott Hartnell broke the 0-0 stand-off with a second period goal from Giroux. Hartnell has been crashing the net regularly and good things have happened because of it.

“The first five, six, seven, eight games, I was kind of standing away from the front of the net for some reason,” Hartnell said. “I was getting pushed off pucks. I spent some time on the bike and up stairs in the gym and it’s paying off. I’ve been hard to move in front of the net and pucks have been hitting me. I’m getting tips and stuff. Things are going in.”

The Blues played tough,gritty hockey last night to try and match the Flyers intensity. The Blues haven’t been playing well as of late so attempting to out muscle Philadelphia seemed to be St. Louis game plan.

“Yesterday was a hard-fought game,” Pronger said. “Obviously we were able to put more pucks in the net. But coming back after playing last night we needed to get off to a good start and make sure we were moving our feet and getting on the attack and getting into it early. We were able to do that. We had a pretty decent first period and it kind of built from there.”


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