Flyers’ Pronger, Emery Proving Worth

display_image_GYI0058451081The Philadelphia Flyers had many goals heading into this past offseason, but none of them were more of a necessity than shoring up the defense and getting a reliable goaltender.

The Flyers did just that with two acquisitions.

First, Chris Pronger came to Philadelphia after being traded on draft day from the likes of Joffrey Lupul, and Luca Sbisa. Also, lets’ not leave out two first-round unknowns.

The city of brotherly love right away had split opinions of this high risk high-reward pickup. The positive side was the fact that Pronger was a proven winner, leader, enforcer, and a man who can dominate and make the game come to him. The negative was the question about his age. At 35, can Pronger still bring that presence and skill to one of the youngest teams in the NHL, and did the Flyers give up too much to get him.

Well, 14 games into this young season he is third in the league among defensemen with 14 points, and fifth among all players with a plus-11 rating.

Pronger has proven, so far, that what he said at his press conference when being introduced, that his purpose in Philadelphia is to prove he can still play this game at a high level and help this team win a Stanley Cup once again.

Oh, and he also leads the NHL in ice time. That would be about 28 minutes.

Pronger has made life much easier for guys such as Braydon Coburn, Kimmo Timonen, and Matt Carle. Carle, to single him out, had 24 points in 64 games last season has already has compiled 12 in the first 14 games. He also leads the NHL in plus minus of +14.

The Flyers at this time last season were 5-6-3, right now their standing on a four-game winning streak and are 9-4-1.

Second, One of the main reasons this Flyers team is where their at is the goaltender. Ray Emery is proving all of his doubters wrong by putting up very impressive number through the 13 games he’s started. Emery, 26, is 9-3-1 with a 2.27 GAA and .922 save percentage. He’s quick, agile, and is very aware of his surroundings.

Its has come to the point that when you see number 29 between the pipes, as a fan, your confidence level when a few notches above normal.

“He’s keeping us in games and making the saves that he needs to make,” said Pronger about Emery.

Coach John Stevens always has nothing but great words of encouragement for his puck-stopper.

“He’s playing very well right now, he seems to be getting more and more comfortable seeing the puck and being where he needs to be to make the save,” said Stevens.

Whether or not the impressive play by the defense and the netminder continues to shine has yet to be determined because we are only 14 games in. However, if all remains the same the Flyers could continue seeing their record rise in the Atlantic Division and Eastern Conference standings.

2 Responses to “Flyers’ Pronger, Emery Proving Worth”
  1. Matt says:

    couldnt agree with you more…obviously no one knows if emery can lead this team to the cup, but im not as nervous watching him as i was with guys like biron & nitty. Pronger has been everything we’ve expected, but i expect his greatest impact to be during the playoffs, theres nothing like having a guy who’s done it before to show the young guys how to get it done when it matters most

    • Thanks Matt! I think this team really has something special with those two. Emery didn’t go to the cup by accident. He has so much talent. If he can truly harness it for the rest of his career, we’re bound for another Broad St. parade soon.

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