Iginla, Calgary Excited For Classic Chance

The rumors have gained some legs over the past few days and it looks as if their only going to continue to grow. No, it’s not trade rumors of who is going to go where and what big names are being shipped. Actually its about the Calgary Flames being in the next NHL Winter Classic against their arch rival Edmonton Oilers.

A Canada outdoor game. Something the NHL is dying to see. As do the fans of the National Hockey League. Hockey nation is already buzzing for New Years day matchup at Boston’s Fenway Park between the Philadelphia Flyers and Boston Bruins, now, just imagine getting word of an all-Canadian classic. It would pure unadulterated chaos.

“It could be great … if it’s minus-2 or 3” Celsius, which is 27 Fahrenheit, grinned Flames captain Jarome Iginla Thursday.

Iginla, like mostly every Canadian born hockey player, grew up playing the game outdoors so playing the Winter Classic would almost feel like playing in their own backyard.

“It’s a nice tradition in hockey that’s been started. If it is, we’ll be ready to play. But I don’t mind,” Iginla added with another smile, “watching ’em on TV, too.”

Of course, we all know that given the opportunity the Flames captain would feel like a kid in the candy store just like every NHL’er that has the chance to participate in the outdoor game.

Last June, the city of Calgary was buzzing when they found out that they might get the chance to host the second half of the Winter Classic after the Flyers and Bruins finished up first.

The idea was later shot down by the NHL executives. However, this past Wednesday word had got out to the NHL fanbase that the league might add a second outdoor game for 2011. One of those games would be held in Canada and feature two Canadian teams.

The Flames are rumored to be the top favorites for that game. The opponent would most likely be the Oilers.

“I know lots of people who went to the game in Edmonton,” said defenseman Jay Bouwmeester. “It was really cold that day, but if they hold (an outdoor game) in Canada, people will sit through that. They like hockey. They don’t care. They’re there to have a good time.

“They should have one in Canada. It’s almost more fitting. People in Canada definitely deserve it.”

No one on the current Flames roster have been a part of the past Winter Classic games; however, the excitement would be deafening throughout the city of Calgary and Canada all together.

“Yeah, we’ve got great hockey fans, not scared of a little cold weather. I think they’d be out there, yeah. Good support, for sure,” added Iginla.

Quotes: NHL.com

2 Responses to “Iginla, Calgary Excited For Classic Chance”
  1. Matt says:

    good work on the flames news. if i had to pick another team to root for, it would be calgary, they have alot of my favorite non-flyers: iginla, kiprosoff, phaneuf & j-bo. an all canadian winter classic would be great to watch

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