NHL Investigating Gagne’s no goal in Pittsburgh

Remember last Thursday in Pittsburgh when Philadelphia Flyers winger Simon Gagne’s shorthanded goal was disallowed due to ‘inconclusive evidence? Evidently there is an issue with the replays that officials in Toronto received. The issue? They didn’t get all of them from FSN in Pittsburgh.

The NHL is investigating why FSN Pittsburgh withheld video evidence showing that Gagne’s shorthanded goal should have allowed. 

Gagne’s goal would have given the Flyers a commanding 6-3 lead with just under three minutes left in the second period. The play was reviewed by Toronto replay officials and they deemed the replays showed no conclusive evidence that the puck crossed the goal line.

One replay that was eventually showed on TV by FSN proved that the puck carried in by goalie Brent Johnson and the goalie pushed the puck back out from the back of the net. Toronto officials stated that they didn’t get that specific camera angle.

That becomes the serious issue here. If FSN had this replay available throughout the review process, why wasn’t it provided to the NHL’s replay officials? I don’t like to use the word cheating, unless Mark McGwire was brought up; however, one has to have that word on the tip of their tongue.

The replay wasn’t sent to Toronto until after the puck was dropped after the review. The NHL said that once the puck dropped, no replay can be reversed.

From that FSN replay the puck clearly crossed the line and Gagne should have been given the shorthanded goal thus earning him his 500th career point a game earlier. Although, im sure the Philadelphia fans appreciated the milestone happening at the Wachovia Center.

The league is investigating why FSN didn’t send all possible angles. NHL senior vice president of public relations Gary Meagher said that the heart of the issue is the integrity of the system.

“You can’t have that happen,” he said. “The league is concerned and it is being addressed.”

What makes this issue even more boisterous is that a short time after the replay was shown, one of the Penguins broadcaster can be heard saying “Oh, we saved that one [replays]!”

Now the overriding question is, who gets fined if there is one at all? I would probably believe both the Penguins and FSN deserve the hefty fine on this. 

Maybe the Flyers can get a late-round draft pick from this? I digress.

Quotes: Sam Carchidi

One Response to “NHL Investigating Gagne’s no goal in Pittsburgh”
  1. Shay Roddy says:

    “we saved that one” they said on the Pittsburgh broadcast, as the replay clearly showing the puck going in rolled. What an outrage. It is a not so glowing example of corruption in sports. I want someone fired for this and the Pens to lose a draft pick or something. How can they let this happen? It’s unbelievable.

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