Holmgren still looking to upgrade Flyers, trade talk

By now everyone knows the trades that shocked the NHL world yesterday afternoon. Dion Phaneuf is now a Toronto Maple Leaf. Goaltender JS Giguere has been reunited with Brian Burke, who was his boss during the Stanley Cup winning season for the Anaheim Ducks.

At one point during yesterday’s firesale, Atlanta’s Thrashers superstar Ilya Kovalchuk was rumored to be headed to Calgary. Obviously that didn’t become reality for Flames fans’.

Yesterday’s excitement caught the NHL by surprise, it really did. That is why those moves had so much coverage everywhere, it was an utter shock. Phaneuf had been a subject of trade rumors since November, however, those reports were put to rest after Flames GM Darryl Sutter said the big defensemen was off the market.

It looks like most of the dealing will be held off until after the Olympic break. Flyers GM Paul Holmgren said Monday that their ‘not done’ trying to upgrade their clubhouse.

“We might want to still do something on defense and forward, but not in goal,” Holmgren said.


Holmgren saying he has interest in acquiring another forward, Kovalchuk has to immediately come to mind. Although the issue here is the same one the Flyers deal with every season, cap space. The Flyers have none. Kovalchuk becomes a dead issue……unless the Flyers plan on moving Jeff Carter.

That’s the only plausible scenario to see Kovalchuk in Philadelphia. Carter would absolutely have to be involved in the deal to even make the Thrashers blink. The problem being Holmgren has already said Carter will not be traded. Things can change from now until after the Olympic break.

The Flyers have already declared they aren’t taking any trade offers that include Carter. He is one of the few forwards on the roster who doesn’t have a no-trade clause.

If Atlanta comes to the Flyers and offers Kovalchuk for Carter and a player to be named later, don’t take it. Don’t kill me just yet, let me explain.

In order for Kovalchuk to be moved, he has already stated that he wants to go to a team that can win and will sign him to a long-term deal i.e. Marian Hossa in Chicago.

The Flyers will eventually have to sign Carter to a long-term deal and probably include a no-trade clause. Don’t risk the future that Carter represents for a second-half rental in Kovalchuk. The Flyers can’t afford Kovalchuk long-term, so why deal the future for him now? Exactly, just take your finger off the trigger.

5 Responses to “Holmgren still looking to upgrade Flyers, trade talk”
  1. Matt says:

    You stole what my comment was going to be haha. Your last paragraph says it perfectly. If this team were a team like Chicago, San Jose, or Washington, then I would say go ahead and trade some prospects/picks/players for a guy like Kovy and make a run this year at the cup. But for a team like the Flyers, it would make no sense to trade what it would take to get Kovy because I dont think he would make that big of a difference. Plus, there is NO chance we could resign him long term unless we got rid of a ton of salary, which as you mentioned, due to no trade clauses is impossible

  2. Thanks, Matt. I try to hit all the aspects of this possible deal. Which I think it won’t happen. I personally think Kovy isn’t going anywhere. Its going to reach that point where he’s going to end up nowhere

  3. tangus22 says:

    The only way this would ever work depends on one thing… long term effectiveness. Can we guarentee Kovalchuk can be resigned long term? If so, why not find another team willing to take maybe Hartnell or Gagne (of course a team either would waive their no-trade clause). Then send one of them to the 3rd team, Carter to Atlanta, and Kovalchuk to Philly. With either Gagne or Hartnell along with Carter, you free up cap space that could be used to resign Kovalchuk.

    However, this is another high risk trade because Kovi is unrestricted. Hands down if it was guarenteed Kovi was given a long term contract I would certainly give up both Carter and Hartnell/Gagne.

  4. Steve says:

    I don’t think Philly has ever made a trade for a player like Kovalchuk if they didn’t think they could sign him. Why I would / wouldn’t make a deal for Kovalchuk. To some degree, Carter still has an unknown side to him. Is he the 47 goal scorer of last year? Is he more likely to be a mid 30’s goal scorer? In that regard Kovalchuk has already proven himself a consistent 50 goal scorer. I also would not consider Carter a sniper, even with his performance last year. To me, Kovalchuk is a sniper. What else? Just as there are parts of Kovalchuk’s game I don’t like (always a minus player), I feel the same about Carter. He only has 1 shot, the wrister. He is a poor passer and not good enough to consistently score from beyond the circles. He also is too streaky for my liking. Kovalchuk is more of a known quantity in my opinion. I don’t do any deal that has Carter and Giroux or
    Carter and JVR. Along with Briere, those are your best setup men on the team, and what good is having a sniper if no one can get him the puck consistantly? I definitely think Kovi makes the Flyers more dangerous than Carter does come playoff time. Perhaps the biggest issue is if Holmgren would actually trade a Canadian for Russkie?!?!?! The ghost of Andrei Lomakin lives!!!!!!!

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