Finally over: Kovalchuk traded to Devils

After all the speculation, around the clock coverage, and constant destination changes, Ilya Kovalchuk has finally been dealt.

The New Jersey Devils have acquired the Atlanta sniper. 

The Devils have reportedly sent Johnny Oduya, Niclas Bergfors, a first-round draft pick, and Mattias Tedenby to Atlanta to nab the Russian scoring machine.  

There was lots of speculation all week that the Philadelphia Flyers were heavily involved in talks with Thrasher GM Don Waddell about grabbing Kovalchuk.

Never really came close.

According to’s Flyers beat writer Tim Panaccio and yours truly, GM Paul Holmgren stated a few times that he didn’t want to mortgage the future for Kovalchuk.

Completely understood. The Flyers were not going to financially come up with the cap room to sign Kovalchuk long-term.  It was wonderful wishful thinking by tons of Flyers fans, however, the deal would’ve affected the club’s future for a few year’s.

The Devils just made their team a viable Stanley Cup threat, if they weren’t already. The Devils have scored just 146 goals this season. Now they add a perrenial 50-goal scorer for about 40 games or so.

Remember, Kovalchuk to the Devils is just a rental. The Devils are believed to be pretty close to their cap max.

The sweepstakes are finally over, now hockey and Flyers can get things back to a relatively normal pace. Wait…..the Olympics are about two weeks away. Scratch that….


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