Guerin signing makes sense


A couple of weeks ago, it was reported that veteran winger Bill Guerin was at the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees NJ skating. Speculation began that he potentially could become a member of the orange and black. Guerin and his agent quickly tried to dismiss those rumors by pointing out that he was simply in town visiting his in-laws & needed a place to skate, & the Flyers obliged.

Fast forward a couple of weeks later, and Guerin is STILL in town skating in Flyers gear.

In not so shocking news, it was finally revealed Monday that Guerin had accepted a tryout contract with the Flyers and will be at training camp starting this Friday.

So the question is, can or will the soon to be 40-year old make the Flyers roster? For me, the answer is and better be, YES!

There is not one downside to having him on the roster. He is an unselfish, solid, tough, a veteran, anda former Stanley Cup winner. If you need any proof as to what a veteran like that can do for a young team, just look at what Chris Pronger did for the Flyers last season. You can never have enough guys like that.

I could easily see him as a top line winger playing with captain Mike Richards, just as much as I could see him thriving playing third-line minutes with a young star like Claude Giroux.

Another plus to having Guerin in camp is, the competition. Up until this news broke, one could pretty much pencil in the opening night lineup. With Guerin in the mix now, many of those players who thought they had a roster spot locked up will have to really impress in camp to earn their spot. Which in turn will get the most out of those players and ultimately make the team better.

The only potential snag in the Guerin plan is money. As we all know, the Flyers are pressed up against the cap. Guerin seems willing to take a pay cut, he’s stated on several occasions his desire to play for Philly. So the actual money won’t be a problem, but fitting him under the cap will.

My solution is fairly simple, have Darroll Powe start the season with the Phantoms (he’s the only player you can logically move who has a 2 way deal) plug Guerin in his roster spot. When the inevitable injury happens, Powe can be the first call-up.

 If you can include Guerin in our top-9 forwards the Flyers will roll out, on paper, one of the best top-3 lines in the NHL.

Feel free to switch around a couple of these guys, but if all goes well, the opening night lineup could look something like this:





“My birth certificate may say age 40, but I feel like I’m 25, Im ready to go,” said Guerin Monday.

Come on Homer, let’s make this happen!

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