Laperriere out for season, career likely over

They say in life, that bad things always happen to good people. That was proven today as the Flyers announced that Ian Laperriere will miss the entire 2010-11 season with lingering post concussion syndrome dating back to the severe concussion he suffered back in April.

At 36-years old, it is widely believed that “Lappy” has played his last NHL game. If you look up “Flyers hockey” in the dictionary, you’ll likely find a picture of Laperriere. He stood for everything that the Flyers are all about; grit, heart, determination, desire, and guts.

Dont believe me?

Go back to the day after Thanksgiving last year, Lappy takes a slapshot right to the mouth from about 15 feet away. He lost several teeth that required over 50 stitches. Something as gruesome as that would take most players out several games, he missed a little over a period. In game 5 of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals against New Jersey, Lappy took an even worse shot to the face from nearly point-blank range. He bled all over the place and he initially thought he lost his eye. Luckily that wasnt the case.

That vicious shot resulted in a severe concussion and a brain contusion, which in Lehman’s terms means he bruised his brain. Let that sink in for a second….a bruised brain.

In a testament to how much a chance to raise Lord Stanley’s Cup means to hockey players and to further prove how tough Lappy is, he was back about a month later throwing his body in front of shots against Montreal and Chicago. Thus helping the Flyers get within two wins of the cup.
It turns out however that Laperriere lied to the Flyers about his condition improving. He didn’t do this for self praise, he did it to help the team. He did it to help his team win the ultimate prize. Which is what he’s done everywhere he’s been in his career. He’s the ultimate ‘be nothing but a team guy.’

Unfortunately, the symptoms one gets after suffering a concussion haven’t gone away, just ask Keith Primeau. It’s likely we’ve seen the last of Laperriere in and orange and black sweater. He gave his heart, soul, blood, and teeth to the great game of hockey for over 15 years.

If this is indeed the end of Lappy’s career, he will always be a Flyer in the heart of soul of every fan who bleeds orange and black throughout every hockey season. Get well soon Lappy. You may have only been a Flyer for one season, but I think I speak for fans everywhere when I say, you are a Flyer for life!!

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