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3 Responses to “About”
  1. This is just a heads up that we are currently running a Blog-Off Tournament over at http://theNHLarena.com

    Our specific Flyers Blog-Off can be found here…


    First we wish to determine which is the most Flyers’ related blog (which will then be declared the official Flyers’ Blog of The NHL Arena and be given a dedicated banner in our Flyers’ subforum sidebar), and then the winner will go head to head with blogs featuring other teams in your Division, Conference and ultimately be given the chance to be the best NHL team related blog of all.

    I don’t know if you would like to alert your readers and give them a chance to vote for you, or not. But in any event, I thought you might like to know that your blog is in the running.

    Commissioner of theNHLarena.com

  2. frank haward says:

    I saw your website
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    Our homepage is currently pr4 (expected to be pr6). The site is new but will have huge traffic.

    My link details are:
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    Should you decide to place our link, please reply to this email id with your own link details. We will add your link within 48 hours of receiving your email, exempting weekends.

    I await your favorable response.


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